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eZo Starter

Add eCommerce Capabilities to your HubSpot CMS website quickly, easily and without a developer

eZo Starter is the simple way to get Products online and take payments inside a HubSpot CMS website.  

  • No Developer Required - Don’t waste hours of time or a ton of money getting a developer to build a custom shopping cart. 
  • Don’t get confused trying to add Products inside Stripe. Just Connect your Stripe account to eZo and let eZo do the rest!

Install eZo, Add Products, Connect to Stripe and BOOM  -  You’re Ready To Sell!

eZo Starter also includes 2 HubSpot CMS Themes: 

  1. eZo Basic Theme: to add Product & Shopping Cart pages to an existing CMS website; and 
  2. eZo Essentials Theme: to build an entire eCommerce website with eZo.

eZo Starter is the introductory package yet it is still a powerful solution to introduce eCommerce capabilities to a HubSpot CMS website.  

Adding Products and taking Payments has traditionally been a difficult and often expensive option for HubSpot CMS website owners and usually involves some form of custom development or third-party eCommerce platform.

This takes a lot of extra time managing two separate platforms and can lead to all sorts of data conflicts never mind the additional costs involved.

Buy eZo Starter and following our quick and easy Install process you can get your products online, connect your Stripe account and be up and running in no time at all!

eZo Starter Key Features

  • Shopping Cart included 
  • Add Up to 10 Products
  • Offer one Product Option such as color
  • 3 Order Notification Emails included (1 Seller order notification & 2 Buyer notifications)
  • Automatic Buy Buttons for all Products 
  • eZo Basic Theme
  • eZo Essentials Theme

Let’s Go eZo!

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eZo Pro

Take your webstore to the next level with Fulfillment Options, the ability to Track Inventory, plus much, much more... 

eZo Pro includes all the features of eZo Starter plus the option of adding up to 30 Products, the ability to Process Manual Orders, Create Discounts, and additional Order Notification emails.

eZo Pro also includes 2 HubSpot CMS Themes:

  1. eZo Basic Theme to add Product & Shopping Cart pages to your existing CMS website; and
  2. eZo Essentials to build your entire eCommerce website with eZo.

No Developer / No Coding Required

Building on the eZo Starter package, eZo Pro introduces additional features to help you grow your online business quickly and easily.

The key difference of eZo Pro is the ability to Fulfill Orders and create Shipments along with the ability to Track Inventory.  Add stock at a product level or manage inventory at a global level in eZo’s Settings along with the option to set individual Order Limits or Low Stock Levels

eZo Pro Key Features

  • Add Up to 30 Products
  • Fulfill Orders & Create Shipments
  • Print Custom Labels
  • Create up to 2 Product Options e.g. color and size
  • Track Inventory (add Order Limits and Low Stock Levels)
  • Add Discounts (3 discounts live at any one time)
  • Process Manual Orders
  • 7 Order Notification Emails included (3 Seller order notification & 4 Buyer notifications)
  • Buy Buttons for every Product option
  • eZo Basic Theme
  • eZo Essentials Theme

Let’s Go eZo!

All eZo Packages include the following:

  • Sell Physical or Digital Products
  • Process Refunds
  • Buy Now links
  • Automatic Invoices/ Receipts
  • Add Notes
  • Linked to HubSpot CRM

We're Nearly There!

eZo is currently in private beta for a short time as we iron out any wrinkles before launch. If, in the meantime, you would like to sign up to our Beta Programme, please click the button, fill in your details and we will be in touch.