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eZo Pro

Take your HubSpot CMS webstore to the next level with eZo Pro...

eZo Pro includes all the features of eZo Starter although now you can:

  • Add up to 30 Products
  • Offer 2 Product Options (e.g. Color and Size options)
  • Create Discounts (with or without Coupon Codes)
  • Process Manual Orders
  • Create Shipments; and 
  • Track Inventory

All this and still NO DEVELOPER required!!!

eZo also works with existing HubSpot CMS websites by adding Product pages & a Cart with the eZo Lite theme or you can build your entire eCommerce website with the eZo Essentials theme.

If you would like to see what all the fuss is, why not try our 30 day No Obligation, Free Trial?

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Building on the eZo Starter package, eZo Pro introduces additional features to help you grow your business online quickly and easily.

This includes Fulfilling Orders & Creating Shipments plus Managing & Tracking Inventory.  

eZo Pro even allows you to set Order Limits and Low Stock Levels and provides a wide range of options if a product ever goes Out Of Stock.

eZo Pro Key Features

  • Add Up to 30 Products
  • Fulfill Orders & Create Shipments
  • Print Custom Labels
  • Create up to 2 Product Options (e.g. color and size)
  • Track Inventory (add Order Limits and Low Stock Levels)
  • Add Discounts (3 discounts live at any one time)
  • Process Manual Orders
  • 7 Order Notification Emails (3 Seller Order notifications & 4 Buyer Notifications)
  • Buy Buttons automatically generated for every Product option
  • eZo Lite Theme
  • eZo Essentials Theme
Let’s Go eZo!

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